Donald J Trump Is Not The President of the United States – Yet!

While in a democracy, we vote for our elected officials. All across America, we have one man, one vote. The Electoral College was established in 1787, which is 229 years ago. The men who drafted the Constitution debated several formats for electing the president and vice president — having Congress vote, having the state legislatures choose, using a direct popular vote — before deciding on the Electoral College format. The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. Let’s look at the facts both parties Republican and Democrats are faced with:

Donald Trump had a fight with NBC and told them he was allegedly going to run for President when a deal fell through between both parties. Of course, being the revengeful person that Trump has exhibited-he decided to run for office. Trump is not an attorney and never had been. He is a skilled real estate developer and pitchman. Trump has not that I’m aware ever ran for governor of New York or Mayor either. He is seventy-years-old and could have run for a State Representative or Senator from New York. Trump chose not to do that. He could have also taken courses in law school; he chose not to do that either.

In the meantime, he elected to become a rallying cry for the five boys that killed a Central Park jogger in 1985, when Trump took out a full-page ad to rail against the defendant; 5 teenagers; one Mexican and four African Americans. Trump was proven wrong. Due to DNA, the boys were all exonerated. None of them were guilty. Trump at the time never decided to attend law school so he would become educated and cultivated in jurisprudence. Trump could have learned about the philosophy, practices, and theories of law.

When Donald Trump decided to run for the Presidency, he was the creator of the ‘birther movement’ that said President Barack Obama was not born in the country and was playing some trick on the American people. He has proven wrong again. Donald Trump came out of his penthouse apartment in Trump Tower and made the most troublesome statement of any Presidential candidate in history.

He came from the escalator, approached the microphone and said this “Mexicans are “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” He went on to say that maybe some are real people, not sure. And that was his pitch from the microphone in June 2015. Throughout the election, he insulted people from all creeds, backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities that there are too many to name. The most prolific abuse was of a Muslim family, the Kahn’s, Gold Star Members are from a club no one wants to part of due to the nature of how you become a member-someone in the family has to die serving in military service. Furthermore, Trump has yet to apologize for any of his extreme views.

White nationalist like, Steve Bannon jumped on board and when he did the Klu Klux Klan followed, who had been dormant and did not involve themselves in political matters for the most part. Donald Trump did not denounce any of the extreme groups before or now. He has allowed them to latch themselves onto his political aspirations (as if in fear if anyone dares to take the Presidency from him he knows these people may cause chaos) therefore; Trump could remain aloof of the result of their actions. The picks seem to be bigots and racial oligarchs. The Corporate Capitalist would never help the poor, lower-class, or middle classes in America. We saw what they would do in 2008; during the housing crisis. The banks turned their backs on the middle class and the auto industry.

In closing, the election was full of untruths conspiracy theorists like the Alex Jones types and Colonel General Michael Flynn about a pizza child sex ring, which was not true. The Trump campaign fired the son of Flynn earlier this week. This election has been the craziest of circus acts that we have ever witnessed. It seems that the Republican Party (GOP) has been taken over by the billionaire class. And during the campaign, the lock her up (the cry from the Trump voters generated) from her association with Wall Street corporate ‘fat cats,’ and the Trump campaign is hiring the whole nation of them. The billionaire class will never do the will of the common man? That doesn’t even sound right as I write and then say it.

If the Electoral College is 229 years old and it’s in place to give the parties an opportunity to look at the facts and take a second look at who was elected and not with the popular vote I might add. Hillary Clinton has 2.1 million more popular votes than Trump. I am not suggesting that the Republicans chose Hillary, she was not on their ballot, I heard that Patriot John Kasich is in consideration. I think the Electoral College should do everything; to help Donald J. Trump become the most successful Apprentice Executive Producer there ever was. And he can continue to sell his brand all over the international hemisphere as he pleases and leaves politics to the people who love and respect it. And deserve it.

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USPS And Autonomous Mail Delivery Is The Future

It seems that every major tech company is working on autonomous transportation. The auto companies are already selling cars with semi-autonomous features and these technologies are already getting to the point they are safer than humans driving. One major beer company has already had a self-driving truck deliver beer from their manufacturing facility to one of their large warehouses. Google has nearly a million miles of autonomous driving in CA and well over that in Nevada now. Yep, no people in the vehicle and I guess this is the future. Of course, if you drive for a living; limo, taxi, delivery, truck, bus driver, well, let’s just say your days are numbered – scary thought yes, but this is the future of work – it’s going not to hell, but to the robots.

Indeed, I read an interesting article in the premier Electric Vehicle online news outlet “Charged” titled; “US Postal Service commissions prototypes for possible future plug-in vehicles,” written by Charles Morris on October 14, 2016 which stated:

“The USPS has selected a design from Indiana-based manufacturer AM General (best known for the Humvee military vehicle and its civilian cousin, the Hummer) as part of its Next Generation Delivery Vehicle program, under which several prototype designs will be designed, built and tested over an 18-month period. AM General will build a series of prototype vehicles that seek to provide ‘fuel efficiency and zero-emission capability.’ The Postal Service will determine production requirements and future vehicle replacement award(s) after prototype testing.”

This is wonderful, but the USPS needs to get with the program. The USPS needs to think with more vision – these vehicles should be autonomous and deliver the mail without people. Why not? You see, these vehicles go on the same exact route every day, they stop at each mailbox at an exact location, every day. The driver opens the mail-box and puts in the mail – heck even a simple robot can do that task and the driverless autonomous mail jeep can get it there, on-time, every day, rain or shine.

Maybe this will help the United States Postal Service from losing billions of dollars per quarter? And, don’t worry about the job losses, we can use attrition and allow early retirement for the postal carriers. We are talking about faster mail delivery, lower costs, no price rises in stamps, and good use of some great robotic autonomous car technology – it’s the perfect application for autonomous transportation robotic technology. Think on this.

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